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Friday, March 27, 2009

Caviar Smear Campaign

For those (of us) seeking the elusive 'fountain of youth', a piece of it may be within reach. Ears have that in a limited number of exclusive treatment spas that specialize in the coddling of VIPs, are offering caviar facials. The skin treatment is quickly gaining popularity among the Hollywood elite because of its gentle, non invasive nature, which allows it to be administered up to 24 to 48 hours before an event, as opposed to at least the three full days needed with a regular facial. The spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills will readily send a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to accompany the most splendid of 'pamper pusses' to the salon in the case the she is not in the mood to drive.
At the Four Seasons esthetician, Hannah Sowd applies a cold, mushy substance of concentrated caviar paste to patrons, 'Caviar actually has a cell structure that is very similar to human collagen,' she says. 'It sounds cheesy, but every time I do it I’m amazed by the results.' Further, she states, '... they get the eggs from the sturgeon by massaging it in a certain way. It’s a great image, isn’t it? The fish relaxing on a massage table. It kind of sums it all up, really.'

On the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood at an unassuming yet, elegant French salon owner Michele Elyzabeth reveals that its the cellular structure of caviar, which is 'strikingly similar to that of skin: 50 to 70 percent water, with a similar percentage breakdown of lipids, protids and trace elements. When you put caviar essence on your skin, you're giving back life to the cells because of the cellular consistency between skin and caviar,' says Elyzabeth. 'If you were to graft skin to skin, you would renew the skin. It's that simple.'

Unfortunately, the glimmering effects of the age altering skin treatment loses its shine after about four days and another treatment must be administered if the youthful glow is to reappear. Were it not for the $95.00 to $250.00 price tags attached, indeed the aging process might be conquered.

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