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Friday, March 13, 2009

If You Have To Ask This Isn't For You ... Or Me

I wonder what it is that makes a person cringe uncomfortably as they open the check after a luscious, delectable, impeccably prepared dinner in the romantic, care-free ambiance of a fine restaurant. Why is it that individuals of the civilised world are more content to feed their automobiles with a higher grade of nourishment than themselves. Even with the nearly unlimited abundance and variety of food and drink in the US, for example. The average citizen opts to purchase canned or frozen produce over fresh, or meat and poultry items from halfway across the country when the best quality of them are available locally. And the unescapable appeal and cost of ground chicken nuggets, kangaroo meat burgers, imitation cheese toppings and lard laden bean burritos have captured the hearts and capricious taste buds of nearly every child in America.

Some say that once the general population habitually partakes in decadent practices its all over for Society. Such as the case with the respective Falls of Egypt, Greece, Rome and Ghana. In modern times, Western Civilization appears to be well on its way toward the same fate. But alas...

Why don't we momentarily discover [together] that a small population of culinary 'nobility' exist in the world who may thankfully preserve civilization as we know it. As a fine food enthusiast, rather than examinethe psyche and practices of the rich and famous, I say we look at the mystical items that mesmerised the palettes and stomachs of the 'Haves' throughout history.

Saffron. This is a spice grown worldwide, is derived from the saffron crocus flower. A pound of dry saffron (0.45 kg) requires 50,000–75,000 flowers to make, meaning an entire football field of these flowers. Requiring so much resources and labor, prices for the spice go around US$500/pound to US$5,000/pound.

Macadamia Nuts. The macadamia tree produces nuts only after it’s 7-10 years old, requiring fertile soil and heavy rainfall. These nuts have a very hard seed, but once it’s open it reveals a creamy white kernel containing up to 80% oil and 4% sugar. The cost of a kilogram of these nuts exceeds 30$.
Almas Caviar. On the subject of caviar, the most expensive is not Russian at all, but the Iranian, Almas Caviar. The word ‘almas’ is Farci for diamond. This true caviar comes from a fish aged over 100 years old whose species has remained unchanged for nearly 120 million years. The luxurious caviar comes from the oldest survivor of the Dinosaur era. Almas caviar retails for about $2000.00 a lb. in the US.
White Truffle. The 'mushroom' originates in the Langhe area of the Piedmont region in northern Italy, it can reach 12 cm diameter and 500g. These truffles are sold at a amazing price of nearly $1350 - $2700 per pound. The record price for this truffle was paid last year, in December, when Stanley Ho, the owner of the Macau casino paid $330,000 for about 4 lbs. of truffles.

La Bonnotte Potato. This is the most expensive potato in the world is a French one called ' Pomme la Bonnotte'. Annually, only 100 tons of this top quality potato are cultivated and collected only on the island Noirmoutier. The potato fields require to be fertilized only with seaweed in a climate shaped by the nearby sea. The cost of one single kilogram can reach about $900.00 since this type of potato is almost extinct.

Wagyu Beef. The most expensive beef in the world is the type of beef coming from the Wagyu cows. These Japanese cows are fed the best grass and provided the best treatment. That is why the meat is especially tender and particularly expensive. 200 grams of a fillet cost in Europe more than 100 dollars.

Chocopologi Chocolate. Among the tastiest and most expensive chocolate in the world is Chocopologie by Knipschildt. At $2,600 per pound, this handmade chocolate truffle is available only if ordered. t contains a black truffle and 70% Valrhona cacao.

Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque de Blanc Champagne is the most exclusive of fine Champagne in the world. Its made of specially selected grapes, sold in manually painted bottles and with a price tag of around $1,500.

Vielle Bon Secours. If beer is more your 'cup of tea', enjoy a bottle of VBS, it the world's most expensive draft and costs around around $1,000 a bottle. It can only be found in a bar called the Bierdrome in London, UK.

Kona Nigari Water. This edition of the globes's most essential element takes the title for the world’s most expensive water. The desalinated water high in minerals from the deep seas off Hawaii, costs $16.75 per ounce. Let's see, we need to drink at least 64 oz. per day give or take. Oh well, who's counting?

At least one item should go on each reader's bucket list. We're not talking about just saving a few mislead individuals, but Civilization as we know it. Maybe see you in San Tropez?

Visualize peace,

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