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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Incredible Edible (Dino-Fish) Egg. Is It Worth It?

Can Prehistoric Delicacy Be Preserved During Financial Crisis

We hear that the ecomony has gone to heck in a handbasket. Foreclosures prowl among the neighborhoods. Many a head of hair, nails and faces go uncoiffed, unmanicured and unesticised for weeks on end. And we talk of luxuries such as caviar? Well, there are certain indulgences that must be retained at any expense. The indulgent we speak of, is... Well, while not caviar perse', doubtlessly that of good food regarded as earth's essential elements, (Now, who can argue that caviar is not good food). In order to fully understand what type of element we describe as an essential of the earth we must travel back in time.

Let us begin our exploration in prehistoric times, precisely the Triassic period some 200 million years ago. This was a time when an ancient essential dino-fish inhabited the seas. During this period, this prehistoric sea life separated and developed into new species related to Sturgeon and Paddlefish varieties through the evolution process. Now, ponder for a moment. What came first the dino-fish or the egg? The answer illustrates the makings of an essential element of the earth.

While there is no record as to whether the much later appearing cavemen enjoyed Stugeon caviar or the roe of other types of fish at their dinner parties, we may speculate that they readily would have appreciated the plentiful and tasty nutrient rich gems of the nearby seas and lakes surround the fertile plains.

In later periods of civilization between the Medieval period and the Industrial Revolution, caviar consumption was restricted to the highest reaches of nobility. However, by the nineteenth century, caviar was so plentiful in America that it present at the bar or table of virtually every pub or tavern in town. Eventually overharvesting of the delicate resource caused its near extinction, resigning it this time around as a rare and fragile commodity by its own account.

Returning to the issue of the seemingly sorry state of financial affairs in the nation, while its true that an unprecedented degree of restraint is needed to survive its struggles, a refined degree of retrospect should focus on preserving among the most timeless of culinary essentials' - caviar. And maybe, just maybe a piggy bank of its own.

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