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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'Caviar Dreams' Arrives to Facebook

Today, I'd like to simply inform readers that the Caviar Princess has created an application on Facebook. Personally, I happen to prefer Facebook over Myspace and Twitter, which I still really don't quite get. Perhaps my lack of understanding and associated indifference to Twitter could be based on the fact that I don't like to use my cell phone unless its a dire emergency. Anyway, in terms of the 'Caviar Dreams' application, I think it could be fun because this way, anyone can have the chance to 'experience' the pleasures of virtually every type of caviar you can find... and not find - so easily, such as Oscetra, Sevruga and Queen Beluga. On the application, I list the current price (range give or take) of the given caviar. That way, people can learn and become familiar with the cost and quality of caviar, which simply couldn't hurt anyone.
Of course, this blog would greatly appreciate any input from those who have any type of experience with caviar. Good or bad. No matter what opinion you may have regarding the reigning Empress of the food chain, she has long proven herself worthy of near deity status for hundreds of years world wide, to date. So, in closing this discussion of blatant self promotion, if you haven't a Facebook account, you might as well open one... to check out the 'Caviar Dreams' application, if nothing else. Smiles, and order some

BFFs forever?

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