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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ideal Eating Spots for Your 'Next' Honey Moon in Paris.

There is a certain aspect of fine, but truly refined dining that brings about an air of romance. In this unique setting the senses expand and detect the extraordinary nuances of smell, sound, taste and sights expand and devour the mood to be recorded in technicolor forever, in the mind's eye. The following Parisian caviar focused dining spots are among the finest backdrops to christen two hearts as one. Bon appetit.

Caviar Kaspia
17, pl de la Madeleine
Paris 75008
Tel: 01 42 65 33 52

Caviar Kaspia offers great decor and caviar that imitate Russian varieties from the 1800s. Aficionados are especially pleased to sample from the selection, which includes Sevruga, Geluga (peut-etre Sevruga(?) and Oscetra. The extensive wine list carries an appropriate vintage to accent any appetizer or meal you choose.
Customer Review: spainramon
An unforgettable experience. Excellent service, great ambiance, not to mention the incomparable quality of the products and the breathtaking view over the Madeleine Church.

Maison du Caviar
21, rue Quentin-Bauchart
Paris, France 75008
Tel: 01-47-23-53-43

The restaurant 'La Maison du Caviar' in Paris, established in 1956, is a trendy and upscale restaurant that attracts all the French and International Showbiz clientele. It is also well known to sell the best variety of caviar, smoked salmon and foie gras along with other cold and hot menu signature dishes such the beef stroganoff, and the Alaskan spider à l’estragon with rice, and other tantalizing luxury items.

Customer Review: saras1081636on
Great place for caviar and smoked salmon lovers. First class quality but very expensive. Sevruga caviar is delicious and so is their famous crab royale salad. It can be a bit stuffy as an older and wealthy generation usually go there. Expect to spend and spend. Menu limited only for fish lovers and russian style food.

Customer Review: J.Sylvain BAREL
Le meilleur borcht pirojki de Paris. Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas réserver après 21h00 et qu'il faille attendre parfois 1 heure si on veut vraiment y manger. Le voiturier est un must dans ce quartier. (The best pirochi in all Paris. Such a shame they do not accept reservations after 9:00 pm (when Euros usually eat). Also sometime seating wait times may be up to an hour in order be sure to dine there. An automobile is a must in this section of town).

Le 144 Petrossian
18, bd de La Tour-Maubourg
75007 Paris France
Tel: 01 44 11 32 32
Métro: La Tour-Maubourg/Invalides

The present Chef, Sébastien Faré, a young Senegalese, replaces the menu of this house of traditions with flourishes of spices and sunny preparations. He presents smoked salmon done three different ways and tumeric artichokes, crispy wild Iranian shrimp curry, spinach and grilled kacha and apple macaroons, and gingerbread ice cream.

Customer Review: johnod02871
Go for the caviar, but be prepared to enjoy a menu with good depth. The service is excellent but not assuming. It is not an impossible reservation as some well known Paris restaurants can be.

Customer Review: ThomasT9284

Personally, I try to avoid relying on previous review or criticism (or gossip) in regard to anything that I have an interest in and the capacity to review myself, and recommend the same for others. But that's just me.

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