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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Roe It Is, But Don't Call It Macaroni

Russian and Iranian caviar are one thing, but American caviar is neither anything to sniff at. In fact more than a many afficionados of true caviar have developed a taste, if not a preference for American Sturgeon, Paddlefish, Boefish and Salmon varieties among other types of US based extracted roes. In recent years, caviar has risen in such popularity as a hors d’ oeuvre served at parties, weddings and New Years events, in the US that every well heeled party host should at least know how to serve it.

First of all caviar should be served chilled. It is recommended that it be removed from the refrigerator about 15 minutes before serving and that it should be covered until the moment of eating*.
When serving caviar, some believe it is better to serve it in the tin can (of which it came) or the glass jar, with crushed ice surrounding the tin can. Much care must be taken in serving the caviar because the grains should not be broken. Mother of Pearl eating utensils are recommended to be used with a delicate touch.

In most cases, simple is better so as an hors d’ oeuvre, caviar ideally pairs well with crackers or toasted bread with butter. Use creme fraiche as opposed to sour cream, which utterly ruins the mild sea salt flavor of the fresh roe. Some purists also recommend against combining caviar roe with [chicken or other poultry] eggs. However, that decision lies within each individual.

Lastly, in order to procure the best quality caviar, always purchase it from a reputable retailer. If purchasing online, visit and even contact the e-commerce store direct. Most quality caviar purveyors will spend a moment educating you upon various aspects of the elegant cultlural delicacy.

Some Viable Examples of Caviar Alternatives

There are other types of caviar, taken from alternative sources like the American Paddlefish, the American Hackleback, the Wild Yukon River Alaskan Salmon Roe, the Flying Fish Roe and the Russian Golden Pike Roe. There are other types with different tastes and prices. However, the satisfaction of the guests who will eat the caviar still depends on their taste buds and how the caviar is served. We must get together soon.
Love and live to eat,
*From the point of serving time

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