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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sustainable Caviar in a Green World

Sustainable Caviar in a Green World
Beluga sturgeon have a life span of around 110 years and can grow to be 2700 lb. It takes 20+ years for them to reach sexual matutity compared to 7 years for Sevruga and Oscetra Sturgeon. The length of time it takes Beluga Sturgeon to reach maturity is also the reason why Beluga is closer to extinction than the Sevruga or Oscetra. Sevruga, and Oscetra sturgeon have also suffered a mass culling through overfishing in recent decades as well as decline in numbers through pollution of the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and spawning rivers that they inhabit (source:

However, not far from the location where Sturgeon have become established veritable endangered species to be forever protected by a coalition of governments throughout the globe, a revolutionary technique has emerged that very well may be the fundamental source of the survival of the species.

A caviar farm in Latvia has established a method of harvesting roe from live sturgeon. This way Sturgeon no longer have to be killed in order to extract the caviar from them. This breakthrough in Latvia indeed is helping to save the fish species from extinction. Another added benefit is that the surviving Sturgeon will produce finer quality caviar every year as they mature. Therefore, the situation only improves as the fish thrive in ideal conditions and the end product continues to refine itself.

Some experts believe that farmed caviar is indeed the best, specifally indicating that the quality of the caviar produced by farm raised caviar is superior to wild caviar in often because farmed sturgeon are raised in the pure artesian spring fed water under carefully controlled conditions with absolutely no chemicals or pollutants while the environments in which wild caviar reside are likely to be exposed to contaminants.

Latvia's caviar brand is called Mottra boasts to be the producers of the most ethical caviar on the market. And truly, who can argue? The company allows its Sturgeon to mature after removing the eggs--rather than following the traditional practice of immediately culling the fish once harvested. 'This more ethical and sustainable method allows eggs to be gathered from the same fish for up to 40 years.' Currentlly the product is available only in Eastern Europe, but the company is in discussion for international distribution. What a fabulous treat to look forward to, I say.

It only gets better,

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