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Monday, March 23, 2009

Caviar Cousins Keeping Up Appearances

True Beluga, Oscetra and Sevruga, not to mention the most expensive Iran-based, Almas Caviar are among the most noted and revered of fish roe on the planet. However, throughout cultrual map of the world, let it be known that the roe of numerous sea-based creatures are savored as well, on a daily basis. For example, in Maine Red Lobster Roe, also known as the coral and is the female lobsters unfertilized eggs and are available are often used in sauces and baked savories. 'Green' lobster roe is also known as the 'tomalley' and are not eggs, but the lobster's liver and pancreas.

Some More Unlikely Relatives of Our Favorite More Elegant Roe.

Bottarga is a Mediterranean specialtythat is made from the salted and sun-dried roe of primarily grey mullet. Tuna is also used. Its sold in the form of sausauge and used for d'oeuvres or grated over pasta, fish, or salads. It's expensive but very tasty.

Capelin Roe - Masago. Japanese chefs typically use the tiny, fluorescent eggs as a topping for sushi. Substitutes include flying fish roe or golden caviar
caviar (sturgeon roe).

Flying Fish Roe - Tobiko. These fluorescent orange eggs are wonderfully crunchy and flavorful. The Japanese are particularly fond of them. They're often flavored with various seasonings before they're sold. Substitutes:

Herring Fish Roe. Kazunoko is another roe favored by the Japanese who traditionally serve this on New Year's Day. It has an interesting texture, but it's not very flavorful.

Pollock Roe. Asian markets sell this inexpensive roe in wooden boxes. It's often baked and served on rice.

Salmon Roe - Red caviar, also Salmon Caviar and Ikura. The eggs pop in your mouth. They make wonderful hors d'oeuvres. Substitutes include Smoked Salmon Roe or Trout Roe

Scallop roe. This coral-colored roe is expensive and hard to find, but it has a wonderful, delicate flavor. The roe is usually both sold and served with the scallop that produced it.

Sea urchin roe - Uni or Sea eggs. It takes 20 fresh sea urchins to yield one cup roe. Red roe is more expensive than yellow, but the taste is similar.

Smelt Roe. Masago is bright orange and moderately crunchy. Substitutes include Flying Fish

Smoked Cod Roe is a Japanese sushi garnish somewhat similar to Smoked Salmon.

Tarama - Taramo. Greek markets often carry jars of this pink cod roe. It's often used to make taramasalata, which is Tarama mixed with a filler (like bread crumbs), oil, and seasonings.

Tobikko - See flying fish roe.
Tobiko - See flying fish roe.
Tobiuonoko - See flying fish roe.

Trout caviar - Trout roe is great for making hors d'oeuvres.

With all these great alternatives for the ultimate chi chi treat of all, how can we eat anything else?

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  1. It is good to be a world traveller and fine living enthusiast. A lot of good food. I still dare not try caviar. It must be delicious.