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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Um... I seem to have forgotten my wallet

A lesson in indulgence

I supppose there is a point in everyone's life when the thrill of the experience supersedes the capacity of practicality. That impulsive purchase of designer jeans, that gorgeous Range Rover, that time share in Bend, law school... I mean, who need groceries anyway. Well, thankfully, this particular experience has not presented itself. However, if it does, what decision would you take?

Let's say, a twenty-four hour stay at the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow...

Would you be content to spend $1000.00 a night for a basic room or splurge on the presidential suite. That'll run you light and airy $16,000, but it does come with its own bullet-proof, private dining room. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn't offer a complimentary breakfast, but the menu offers all your favorites, Cristal champagne, truffle omelette, brioche, blini and the elusive pure and classic Beluga Caviar. It'll set you back $700.00, but when would such an opportunitiy ever arise again... ever.

The Ritz-Carlton has a vodka sommelier on hand to direct you toward the best brands to compliment your present mood or activity. There's no charge for their services, but do leave a nice tip. The wine list features a 1961 Château Pétrus at $68,000 a bottle, and a 1969 Macallan single malt whisky priced at $400 a measure. For guests from the UK and Canada there is an English high tea, a deal at 35.00 quid.

There are four restaurants and bars in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, including the Jeroboam restaurant for Russian-accented cuisine, the rooftop sushi bar, and the Italian-influenced Caviarterra brasserie. We won't talk menu prices, but recommend you don't forget your check book, Visa, American Express, and cash. Before heading off into the night to 'see' and be seen', head to the spa suite to be pampered to your hearts content.

Come morning when its time to pack up and hail a taxi back to the airport, you reflect. 'I wonder if I made the right decision'?

Moral of the story...

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