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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Caviar Shop Information Desk

Caviar is considered to be primarily an unprocessed food. This means that no synthetic additives or preservatives are present in the product. Thus it must be consumed in a short period of time. Some caviars are semi-pasteurised to extend its shelf life. If given the chance, I would always recommend (and personally choose hands down, every time) fresh caviar. The pure subtle flavor of the crunchy 'egglettes' have no comparison. On the other hand, bottarga, a cured caviar product, is completely acceptable. The pungent salty flavor of the Mediterranean proper of this item can be likened to that of a well aged wine, and is a memorable treat that any caviar lover should try. However, I digress...

Even in larger metropolitan cities, fresh caviar can be difficult to find. However, if you're willing to do the research, you should likely find a local reputable shop that sells fresh products and will even allow you to sample a bit before you buy. Caviar tastings are another nice way to sample and learn about different types of the delicacies. Check your local wine shops, even drop a couple of very obvious hints to the shop owner, if you're so inclined. If you do not readily find a nearby purveyor of this fine item, there are a number of shops that offer caviar to your door online. And don't hesitate to request a sample with your order. Many retailers (including the Caviar Princess) will be happy to include them. Each of the boutiques below have online stores, and sell various other specialty, ethnic and luxury items.

West Coast
Beverly Hills Caviar, Los Angeles, California
Seattle Caviar Company, Seattle, Washington
Sterling Caviar, Sacramento, California
Tsar Nicoulai, San Francisco, California

Collin's Caviar Company, Michigan City, Indiana

East Coast
Marky's, Miami, Florida
Petrossian, New York, New York
Russ and Daughters, New York, New York
Zabars, New York, New York
Happy paletts

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  1. I had no idea that it was "kosher" ha ha to ask for samples along with an order. It's funny because I certainly do this with wine on a regular basis, and I'm very glad I do as I'd have been disappointed many a time if I had just ordered my first selection. Appreciate the information and as I begin my caviar journey, I will not hesitate or feel out of place if I request a titch for my pallet before I purchase...