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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, How Much Caviar Do you Need?

How much caviar should you buy? Glad you asked. Really, truly, you don't need a whole lot. I mean, if you take into consideration that a good half of your guests will not we interested in it. Unless your peer group are all caviar veterans. On the other side of appearances, guests will be familiar with the general rule of consuming no more than an ounce at a given sitting. However, I must admit, that at a recent pre-Oscar 'meet and greet' I attended in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, I witnessed with my own eyes, one certain journalist throw back at least a good three to four ounces in a period of time I would not have ever expected. And it was obvious that each of her humanly senses delighted in every bite. You've got to love her for that. Gilles Marini, of 'Dancing with the Stars' fame was another apparent aficionado of caviar, although his enjoyment was totally consistent his distingueshed, yet easy going presence. While I'm in a digressed state of name dropping, I might as well mention that Jai Rodriquiez from 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, stopped and had a few bites and made everyone laugh. No doubt his familiarity with delux food was wll honed. Melissa Rivers, on the other hand, admittedly was not a huge fan of caviar, but we all have our taste , and that's OK - a very classy girl, no less. Getting back to out original discussion, whether putting together a Caviar Tasting or simply using it as an appetizer to 'open the palate', keep it basic. I like's idea that 'the Russian combination is still the best, caviar and blini , buttered or with a dollop of crème fraiche (or even sour cream -Sorry No, the Caviar Princess must interject)! Similarly, use toast points or a very small, thinly sliced baguette. Any bread used should be only lightly toasted and still soft, not crumbly like crackers. Besides ruining the texture of the caviar, it wouldn't do to have any of that lovely (and expensive) caviar on the floor. (Source: Before I forget, let me give you my advice here. One half ounce per person, give or take should suffice for your shindig. However, its always good to have a little extra on hand. Fortunately, many American Sturgeon derived 'caviar' can be frozen and stored for extensive periods as long as not opened.

Bon Appetite All,